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If you’ve ever tried to be a change agent at work, you know the kind of resistance you’re up against. You could be recommending a new work process or project management tool that will greatly improve the business—and you’ll champion it—and people will suddenly get very busy. Asking a team to give up a work
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How Project Management Tackles Supply Chain Complexity

Supply chains continue to increase in complexity. I’ve observed this firsthand from managing hundreds of projects in manufacturing organizations over the last 25 years, including navigating end-to-end supply chain. Being able to effectively manage this complexity is essential to achieve important business objectives–growth and profitability. For starters, you want to identify the factors that contribute
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5 Common Problems for Small Project Teams

“Small is beautiful.” So championed British economist E. F. Schumacher, and those of us who have worked in small teams are highly likely to agree. Small teams (10 and under) often work on highly complex problems, in fast-moving environments and with a high degree of trust. A great team can deliver amazing projects and create
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How LiquidPlanner Approaches Collaboration to Improve Teamwork and Productivity

Collaboration. Teamwork. Impeccable lines of communication. Working together seamlessly, producing work that defines industries and leads markets. This is what we all want—powerful modes of collaboration that bring out the best performances in individuals, teams and businesses. But what do we mean when we say “collaboration?” Everyone wants to collaborate! And collaborative cloud-based software, like
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