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10 Leadership Best Practices for Project Managers

Being a project manager who leads a team or project requires the right combination of experience, skills and confidence. There’s usually a lot at stake, and the balance between running the project and being a leader can get tricky. After all, being a project manager and a team leader are two distinct roles–with overlap, of course. The good...

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9 Ways to Get Your Week off to a Productive Start

The beginning of a new week can feel overwhelming. Even though you’re picking up your project schedule where you left off two days earlier, Monday can feel like starting from scratch again (or at least be a memory exercise). Here are nine tips to get you off to a productive start of the week. Happy...

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4 Signs That You’re a Natural-Born Project Manager

The second law of thermodynamics states that randomness and disorder never naturally decrease in a system. That’s why our job as project management professionals exists in the first place. We bring order to the chaos that surrounds most projects, and it can be incredibly challenging. Good project managers possess an interesting balance of nature vs....

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6 Ways to Create an Agile Organization

Agile practices are becoming more and more widespread. An increasing number of organizations are jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, quicker turn-around times and lower risk. But going from a rigid waterfall approach (or even an ad hoc reactive process) to something that is adaptable and collaborative can be challenging....

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8 Essential Skills to Advance Your Career in Project Management

Project managers need to master a myriad of skill sets to lead with confidence, motivate team members and manage stakeholder engagement to deliver successful projects. It’s not always easy in the modern business world. The economy has challenged many organizations to do more with less, focus resources on failed projects, consolidate their infrastructure and critical...

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Good to Great: How to Be the Best Project Manager

What does it take to go from being a good project manager to a stand-out fantastic one?   The answer isn’t simply being able to streamline schedules, delegate tasks and balance budgets. Truly outstanding project managers exhibit collaborative leadership skills like negotiation, evaluation, agility and strategy every day. They know how to keep the project moving...

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How to Adapt to Change & Uncertainty in Your Project Plan

Uncertainty is an inherent part of all projects. And how you and your team manage change seriously impacts your business. Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher prfits than non-agile companies. That’s a pretty good reason to start flexing your muscles to become an adaptable project manager.   Why planning for change...

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Infographic: Agile vs. Waterfall–Which Project Management Style Is Right for You?

For technology projects, your methodology can make or break the bank. While Agile and its fast-moving sprints, user stories and automated testing is a favorite among dev teams, Waterfall is still a better process for plenty of IT shops, especially teams that work on ERP implementations, COTS packages, ASP tools and custom development. Bottom line:...

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