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Five Ways to Identify Your Personal Strengths and Apply Them to Project Work

Does your job leverage your natural strengths? If you’re doing work that doesn’t tap into your greatest strengths, your performance and motivation will suffer along with your career. In contrast, when you’re aligned with your talents and interests, you gain a wellspring of confidence and expertise, and you do great work with a sense of...

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How to Be Productive When You’re Overwhelmed

Has this ever happened to you? You’re having a perfectly good morning. A warm cup of coffee is in your hand, and you think you’ve got your workload under control when suddenly it hits you— You actually have a small avalanche of prioritized work to get through within the next two weeks, and it doesn’t...

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Seven Tips to Stay Productive During the Winter

Enduring the cold winter months can be a drag, but we should remember to stay productive and motivated during this season because we’re setting the tone (and pace) for the rest of the year. Just like in a race, if you go too slowly, you’ll never get into a winning rhythm. Staying indoors more during...

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Working for the Weekend: Increasing Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability with a Four-Day Workweek

The dream of an extra day off each week is more plausible than you think. More companies are investigating the idea of a four-day workweek after a New Zealand trusts firm found its employees were happier, more efficient, and more productive after its two-month trial of a 20-percent shorter week. Andrew Barnes, CEO of Perpetual...

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Five Steps to Making Your Project Meetings Effective

Studies say you have invested 70% of your life over the past year sitting in meetings. But have they all been productive? These 5 steps are essential for effective project meetings....

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Why Is Organizational Change So Hard?

When we talk about “organizational change,” the words “resistance” and “tension” often spring to mind....

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5 Key Principles to Resource Management

The purpose of project management is to bring together people, processes and tools to accomplish a common objective. It follows, then, that one of the most important elements of project management is managing the resources that actually do the work. In practice, however, many PMs focus on measuring resources rather than acting as a force...

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10 Killer Interview Questions for Project Managers on the Job Hunt

Your dream company has invited you to interview for a project management job. They’ve asked you their questions, and now it’s your turn to find out whether the company is a good fit for you. Asking the right questions can give you an accurate glimpse of what it will really be like to work for...

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A Happier, More Productive Way to Work: LiquidPlanner @Work Is Almost Here!

  Happiness matters at work—on a number of levels. Study after study links employee well-being to increased productivity, more effective collaborations, higher creativity, and quality of work. For example, a recent University of Warwick study found that happiness created a 12% increase in productivity; a Gallop poll discovered that engaged employees were two times more productive...

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Why We Hate Change

We often hear that people don’t like to change. On one hand, everyone has a lot of stories about people resisting change and preserving the status quo. And yet, we’re talking about humans—a species that adapts to all sorts of environments: from deserts to subarctic, from remote settlements to gigantic cities, from mines that go...

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How to Use Summer to Advance Your Career

Ah, summer. Half-day Fridays, family vacations, long patio lunches—it’s amazing any work gets done at all this time of year. So how do you leverage your summer months? You can ride the slack train of bare minimalism or you can use this time of year to powerhouse the engine of your career. The trick is...

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Does Listening to Music at Work Affect Your Productivity?

Music has officially entered the workforce. With the advent of open working environments and the rise of computer desk jockeys, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have a pair of headphones or earbuds at their desk. At some offices, seeing co-workers pounding their keyboards with headphones on is status quo. At other companies, this...

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