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What’s Behind the Bimodal IT Trend?

Bimodal project management has generated a lot of noise since the recent Gartner PPM Summit. The need for bimodal project management arises from the growing issues around bimodal IT, which relies on two IT modes: Mode 1 is more traditional and targets back end systems. Mode 2 is Agile for new development projects. These two...

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5 Best Practices for Managing Large IT Projects

If you’re embarking on a large technology project, there’s a lot at stake. IT projects are technically challenging and can easily go on for more than 10 or 12 months. Team members are highly specialized and are often spread between different locations and across time zones. According to a McKinsey & Company article, “Delivering large-scale...

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Should Your Team Use An Agile Process to Manage Projects?

More and more project teams in a variety of industries are embracing an Agile process as a better way to manage workflow and respond to a fast-changing market. Agile project management is a set of fast and flexible processes that accounts for change, helps teams adapt to marketplace opportunities, and improve business performance. Agile was...

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What You Need to Become a Big Data Marketing Agency

The agency world has changed markedly in the last few years, thanks to the rise of marketing automation software (Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot, to name a few). Marketing automation generates a tremendous amount of data, most of it captured in a data silo for each application. But siloed data makes it difficult to analyze trends...

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7 Ways Online Project Management Software Helps Build Your Business

As many of you are probably discovering, project management software is used for a lot more than maintaining a project Gantt chart these days. When you implement a cloud-based project management tool while building a business, you gain a competitive advantage and prevent some costly internal business lessons. This is because the right PM tool...

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7 Project Management Tips for Successful Project Delivery

As I dropped off my kids at the bus stop for their first day of the school, I thought about all the new experiences they would learn from in the new school year. My oldest will dissect his first frog while my youngest starts solving math problems with four digits. School provides the experiences, skills,...

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10 Project Management Dos

Project managers are working harder than ever before, even as we continue to have more knowledge, tools and technology available to us. The business world changes rapidly, competition increases, technology advances, and a project manager’s game is always changing. Here are 10 practices to focus on in order to hone your skills, deliver triumphant projects,...

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