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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Founded in 2006, LiquidPlanner provides project management software that enables teams to manage and complete their most important work. With the application of our unique methodology, key insights are revealed, cross-team collaboration is enriched, resource allocation is enabled, and teams are finally able to know when work will be completed, with confidence. More than a

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Perfecting the Recipe

Perfecting the Recipe

“Round here, we eat our own dogfood.” “You, uh… what?” Interviewing for my job with LiquidPlanner late last summer, I was feeling a little over my head. I’m relatively new to the software industry and was meeting with really smart people who have years and years of software experience. And now they were talking about...

Have a plan, but don’t be a slave to it

People who know me know that I like to have a plan, but I’m the first one to stray from it. This may seem like a strange contradiction or worse hypocrisy, but here’s my justification: if everything goes according to plan, the best outcome is limited to your initial imagination. I’m not willing to settle...

Who knew estimation could feel so good?

I want to talk about estimation, but first I want to talk about beer and wine. Specifically, the act of opening beer and wine bottles. For about 2.5 years, we kept our bottle opener in our junk drawer, all the way across the kitchen from the refrigerator and pantry. And for 2.5 years, every time...

How hard can it be?

If you build software for a living, you surely have eaten these words at least once. My last major utterance was about two years ago when I said to Jason and Bruce, “How hard can it be to build a project management tool that doesn’t suck?”. I said it about the time we had just...


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