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What’s It Like to Work at LiquidPlanner?

Instead of going on about how smart, passionate, dedicated and fun our environment is, we’re going to compare our work culture to the stand-out features of our project management tool. Ready? We’re agile.  Employees are LiquidPlanner’s number one asset, and it’s obvious to anyone who works here: you feel like you matter. Teams are always...

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Q&A With Nick Smith – LiquidPlanner’s New Program Manager

How does a new LiquidPlanner employee use our scheduling tool – and how does it change the way he works? Our new Program Manager, Nick Smith tells us all about it, along with his thoughts on multi-tasking, some wise interview tips, and more. Read on. How did you know LiquidPlanner was the perfect fit for...

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Q&A With Haley Gindhart: New to LiquidPlanner!

Haley Gindhart joins the Customer Support team with some fun stories up her sleeve. She spent years living in Rome, is an avid traveler, and recently received an MA in International Relations (and pleasure reads books on international politics!). But enough with small talk – read on to discover more about Haley.  Title and description...

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Q & A With LP Fun-Maker Chelsey Taylor

For most of her career, Chelsey traveled the globe working in a variety of marketing roles, living out of her suitcases. When she decided to unpack her luggage on a more permanent basis, she landed her vivacious spirit at LiquidPlanner, and got our offices so beautifully organized and well-stocked we’re never letting her go (anywhere!)....

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5 Ways to Get to Know a New Co-Worker

“Don’t let them steal your lunch!” This popular farewell in some homes (OK, mine) when setting out for a new job speaks to the excitement and nerve-rattling emotions of that special first day. That’s why, as we welcome a string of new folks here at LiquidPlanner, we like to remind ourselves how important it is...

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