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How to Set and Review Goals Using LiquidPlanner

How well do you keep track of your personal and professional goals throughout the year?   At the beginning of the year, it’s easy to set goals – and then just as easily forget about them. 365 days goes by quickly as project teams achieve tasks, resolve issues and deliver projects. Before you know it,...

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How to Set Smart and Achievable Goals

Does your company do goal-setting each year during your annual review? Many do. But if yours doesn’t, use the New Year as your motivator to do it now. In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey’s first practice is “be proactive.” Setting goals is proactive. To start setting your 2014 objectives, think about what...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How University of Illinois’ iRobotics Club Gets the Job Done

Who remembers BattleBots? It was a short-lived, nerdtastic game show on Comedy Central in which remote controlled robots were pitted against each another, Gladiator style, and forced to fight to the bitter, sparky end. Even though the show’s television glory days have long since passed, battle bots continue to be built and motorized prizefights continue...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How Purdue Solar Uses LP to Fuel the Future

Albert Einstein once famously said, “We cannot solve a problem using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Sally Ann Keyes would most likely agree with this sentiment. Keyes is the President of Purdue Solar Racing, a highly decorated student-led engineering team at Purdue University that is quite literally building the...

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Top 5 Apps for Student Success – Happy Back To School, Students!

  How do you start the school year off on the right foot? With the right set of tools and resources. If you’re a student trying to make the most out of your education, think of this as a care package from your supportive fans of LiquidPlanner. No matter how tough this school year might...

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Five Project Management Reports to Live By

I was reading a great blog post today on The Magic Numbers of Project Management by Scott Berkin. His key points are: Magic numbers in estimation are dangerous Review your estimation performance Learn from your mistakes He also reminds us of the social benefits of estimating as a team (wideband-delphi), embracing the cone of uncertainty, and focusing on...

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