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Predicting Project Outcomes | LiquidPlanner Academy

Predicting Project Outcomes

The scheduling engine calculates in real time #

It takes work to keep a project schedule up-to-date. There are a lot of moving parts, and when you don’t take all the variables into account:

  • Project leaders don’t know about schedule problems until it’s too late.
  • Teams lose confidence in the plan because they don’t know what to expect.
  • People underestimate how long it will take to complete their work.

Know when work will be done with 90% confidence #

Applying ranged estimates to work allows the predictive scheduling engine to shed light on the uncertainty in your plans before it becomes a problem. Your schedule is always up to date because LiquidPlanner runs sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations on the whole portfolio whenever priorities, assignments and estimates change – accurately forecasting when work will be done.

Through the next two videos you will . . .

Learn about estimating in ranges to capture uncertainty and incorporate it into your plans for a more realistic schedule.

See how predictive scheduling uses ranged estimates to forecast start and finish dates in real time. Understand how Target Dates guide predictive scheduling and show what can be accomplished in a given timeframe. Use Target Finish to set deadlines in LiquidPlanner.