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Work on the Right Things | LiquidPlanner

Work on the Right Things

Priority-driven planning keeps you on track #

When plans are constantly changing it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important, leading to missed deadlines and frustrating consequences:

  • Project leaders can’t see how shifting priorities in one area affects priorities in other projects.
  • Teams get pulled in too many directions, creating burnout and stress.
  • People end up focusing on the wrong tasks because they don’t know priorities changed.

Protect your team and achieve more with their time #

LiquidPlanner takes the guesswork, emotion, and politics out of project planning. When priorities shift, schedule dates change and workload rebalances automatically for everyone involved. You always know how changing priorities in one area affects other work, and everyone else will too. It’s priority-driven, effort-driven, and protects your team from overload.

Through the next two videos, you will . . .

See how workspace hierarchy influences schedule priority. Order is important at each level because dates are calculated based on the order items are listed, from top to bottom. As work is added the scheduling engine provides instant feedback, helping you make decisions to keep important initiatives on track.

Learn about using tasks to account for your team’s time. Plan, prioritize and track work through task assignments to maintain focus and communicate progress without extra meetings or project updates. Break work down into manageable pieces, estimate to show how resources are committed and log progress to understand where the time goes.