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Open API | LiquidPlanner

API Availability & Access #

API Availability and Access

Share Planning Intelligence insights by integrating LiquidPlanner work metrics, scheduling and custom data into your digital ecosystem. Use the Open API to filter and download data for analysis or update plan items based on user actions in other systems.

The Open API is included for Organizations with a paid ULTIMATE PlanAPI Access is under Administration in the left-side navigation. The API Access button is disabled for workspaces that do not have the API enabled.


Best practice tips for getting started with the Open API #

Create a workspace for API testing

We recommend creating a new workspace within your Organization for API testing so you don’t disturb your production data or workspace members. Org Admins can create additional workspaces for this purpose by navigating to the All Workspaces page under Administration in the left-side navigation.

It’s also a good idea to create a dedicated user account for API access. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Updates made with an API Token are recorded in Changes and attributed to the Token Owner. Creating an API User makes it easy to see which updates have been made via the API.
  2. The API User access role can be set to provide the broadest range of access, including all plan items and workspaces across the Organization.

API Documentation and Support #

The API Guide for LiquidPlanner New has everything you need to get started. 

Guides explain pagination, filters, formatting and error codes including detailed Endpoint explanations with examples.

API Reference has a complete list of Endpoints integrated with Swagger so you can try out your requests.

Changelog documents ongoing API updates and expansion.

API Support & FAQ post questions and receive help from LiquidPlanner Support.


Use the API to . . . #

Add new plan items to any Collection
Update existing plan items in any Collection
Duplicate plan items in any Collection
Create a project from a Template
Log time to an assignment and include a timesheet note

Get data about plan items in JSON format
Get logged time entries in JSON format
Get a Timesheet Export in JSON format

Download into an Excel File

Project, Task or Assignment Grid View data
Timesheet Export data

The API is a work in progress! You can look forward to continuous improvement in the months ahead. Use the Share Feedback link in the User Menu to tell us what you’re looking for and keep an eye on the API Changelog to see what’s new.


API Endpoints and Filtering #

Filtering is supported for these Endpoints:

Workspace (GET)
Users: Workspace Members, Resources and Placeholders (GET)
Plan Items: Package, Project & Sub-Folder, Task, Assignment (GET, POST, PUT)
Task Status (GET)
Cost Codes (GET)
Logged Time Entries (GET)
Timesheet Export (GET)
Grid with Project, Task or Assignment row type (GET)
Everyone Time Off & Personal Time Off (GET, POST, UPDATE)

Please see the Filter Parameters, API Examples and API Reference pages in the API Guide for LiquidPlanner New to learn about endpoints and filtering. 


Token-Based Authentication #

API Access Token Page in LiquidPlanner New

The LiquidPlanner API supports token-based authentication which uses a unique token identifier to make authenticated API requests on behalf of a workspace member. 

Org Admin access is required in order to view, create and manage tokens. 

Navigate to Administration. select API Access and use the Create New Token button. Assign the token to another workspace member by selecting them from the drop down menu in the Token Owner column. Members can have more than one token assigned.

The default name for a new token is “New API Token for [Username]”. The name field is customizable. Tokens are enabled by default. Uncheck the box to disable a token.

Token Owners

Only workspace members can be Token Owners. When an Organization has multiple workspaces, a Token Owner’s API authorization only applies in the workspaces where they are an active member.

  • API Tokens inherit the Token Owner’s access level.

    • Token Owners with Project Editor access or higher are able to make changes via their API Token.
    • Updates made with an API Token are recorded in Changes and attributed to the Token Owner, noting that the change was made via API.
    • Token Owners can only access plan items via the API if they already have access to those items in the workspace.
  • Disconnecting a member disables their tokens. Disconnected token owners are listed in red in the Token Owner column.

Please go the the Authentication and Authorization pages in the API Guide for LiquidPlanner New to see the full explanation about managing user tokens, including security recommendations.