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Search View
Location: Projects in the left-side navigation. Every level of hierarchy has a Search View: Portfolio, Package & Project
Workspace Search: Click All in the navigation breadcrumb at the top


Seek and you will find #

schedule view in liquidplanner

When you need to get your eyes on something fast – use Search to track it down.

Tell us what you’re looking for and Search scours these fields to find a match.

Item name
Description field
Notes content
Text & Picklist Data Fields

Search is great for turning up unassigned work. Enter “unassigned” as your keyword to locate tasks that need attention.

Check the box to Include Done Items in your search.


Location, location, location #

workspace locations in liquidplanner

Search the entire workspace and return results from all Collections, or search within a specific Collection by location: Portfolio, Package or Project.

Search All Collections


Search Within a Collection


Search results show up to 100 items, in priority order, and all types of plan items.

Click on a Project or Package to go to that item’s location.

Click on a Task name to open the Edit Panel and view task details.


Finders, keepers #

member-based search in liquidplanner

Find work assigned to you by searching from My Work, or go to People and select a member to search for work assigned to someone else.