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Intelligent Insights (video) | LiquidPlanner Academy

Intelligent Insights (video)

Learn how you can leverage data-driven insights to improve project performance and better support key decisions in your project portfolio.


Whether you’re looking at the Portfolio view to get information at the highest level or drilling down into a task assignment to manage uncertainty, everything you need to make decisions is in the workspace and always up to date, providing Intelligent Insights that deepen your understanding of the connections between people and projects.


Use Views to examine work from different angles.

ON SCREEN Schedule Insights

Rely on Schedule Insights to make decisions

ON SCREEN Work Metrics & Customizations

Monitor progress through Work Metrics. Customize data and settings to enrich your reporting

Leveraging data-driven insights in LiquidPlanner optimizes performance so you can deliver projects with confidence.

Vital insights about progress and status are captured in Views. Use them to examine priorities and scheduling, balance workload, analyze data and changes. Packages and Projects have board views for visualizing task status.

Every Project has a customizable dashboard for monitoring project health. Package and Workspace Dashboards are premium features with advanced filtering options to zero in on just the right information.

Through My Work, there are views for people to stay up to date with their own work. Managers can do the same under People.

Clicking the star at the top of a view Favorites it for easy access.

Actionable insights are surfaced on plan items. Schedule Insights call out progress, risk and workload information to help you make decisions and keep work moving forward.

Use insights from Work Metrics to measure progress. Work Metrics represent the total amount of work you’re expected to do, show how much time has been tracked so far and keep you up to date on the remaining work.

Work Metrics roll up from each assignment to the Task, Project and Package. % Complete tracks your progress at every step along the way. For even greater insights, supplement work metrics with premium data customizations for categorizing work, costs and rates.

There’s a lot to keep track of in a robust project portfolio. Intelligent Insights provide the information you need to make the right decisions. The visibility and transparency they provide enhances collaboration and builds trust in your plans.