Changes & Deleted Items

Changes are recorded for every plan item and person across the workspace. Changes and Deleted items are retained up to 90 days for paid accounts and 30 days on the FREE Plan. Deleting and recovering items are safeguarded by access rules.


Location and plan item changes #

Location and plan item changes

Keeping a close eye on changes and looking out for deleted items is just part of your job as Project Manager. To help with that, Changes records every update. This view tells you what happened, when it happened, and who did it.

There are Changes Views at each level of hierarchy, Portfolio, Package and Project. Plan items have a Changes tab on their Edit Panel.

Three categories are tracked: Changes, Changes by Me, and Deleted Items.

VIA API in the change history tells you when updates were initiated by an integration with LiquidPlanner. When an item is created from an Intake Form widget, the username, dashboard name and widget name are included in the change history.

Access Plan Items from the Change History
Clicking on a Package, Project or Sub-Folder link in the change history navigates to the plan item’s list view. Clicking on a Task opens the edit panel so you can view task details. Clicking on the Dashboard name in change history opens the Dashboard.


Monitoring changes by members #

Monitor changes by members

Changes is one of the views associated with a Member. To access it start at the Profiles View under People in the left-side navigation. Choose the member, then click on Changes to see their updates and deleted items. To see your own changes go to My Work in the left-side navigation.


Changes on the Edit Panel #

Changes on the Edit Panel

Changes are also recorded on the plan item’s edit panel. To open it, right click on the plan item name and choose Edit from the menu. In Board View, click on the card.


Recover deleted items #

Recover deleted items

Deleting an item sends it to the workspace trash. As a safeguard, there are some access rules around deleting and recovering items. Project Manager and higher can delete or recover Packages, Projects, and Tasks. A Project Editor can delete or recover Tasks. Learn more about access in the Roles & Access lesson.

The user profile image and date show who deleted the item and when it was deleted. Deleted items are retained up to 90 days for paid accounts and 30 days on the FREE Plan.

To recover an item, go to Changes for the Portfolio, Package, or Project and hover over the item to reveal the Recover button. LiquidPlanner will confirm that the item was successfully recovered and record the changes for you.