Roles & Access



Organization Administrator #

When it comes to your account, Org Admins are the ones who know it all, see it all, and manage it all. They have the highest level access within your Organization. Org Admins have access to all workspaces and can make changes to all custom settings and plan items within each workspace. They manage the subscription, billing plan, user licensing, profiles and workspace access.

Who is an Org Admin?

  • The very first user in a brand new organization is an Org Admin
  • Anyone with the Org Admin box checked on their User Profile

It’s always a good idea to have more than one Org Admin. That way you can rely on a backup to handle administrative functions when someone is on vacation or out of the office. Go to Administration in the left-side navigation and select All Users. Choose a user and check the Org Admin box on their User Profile.


Workspace Manager #

Workspace Manager is second to the Org Admin. They have access to all Projects in the workspace and are also able to . . .

  • Invite new workspace members and set up Resources (as long as licenses are available).
  • Manage workspace settings and customizations available on their billing plan: Task Status, Data Fields, Cost Codes, Rate Sheets.
  • Set Workspace Member Roles and Access
  • Review and Export Timesheets

Workspace Managers rely on Org Admins to manage the subscription, billing plan, and licensing for their workspace.

Workspace Manager is a setting on the member profile. Go to People in the left-side navigation and select a member to update their Profile.


Timesheet Reviewer #

When Timesheet Reviewer is enabled the member will see Timesheet Review and Timesheet Export views under People in the left-side navigation. In order to see a Member’s work, the Timesheet Reviewer needs Project Manager or higher access to their projects.

Go to People in the left-side navigation and select a member to update their Profile and make them a Timesheet Reviewer.

Timesheet Review and Timesheet Export are features in the PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE Plans.


Member Access & Rights #

FREE, ESSENTIALS and PROFESSIONAL Plans have a default access setting that applies same access role to all members. The default setting in these Organizations is Project Manager.

On the ULTIMATE Plan, there are advanced access controls enabling Org Admins and Workspace Managers to specify access by Project and Package for Members and Groups.

Project Manager Role able to create and manage Projects and Packages.
Project Editor Role can create and manage Tasks and Assignments.
Project Observer Role has read-only access.

Advanced Access #

On the ULTIMATE Plan, Org Admins and Workspace Managers define access by going to Workspace Access under Administration in the left-side navigation. Look under Roles & Rules to see the access model and learn about requirements for managing access.